Just use the bear cup

Yesterday night I had this thought while I was making tea: I felt guilty because I wanted to use my big bear cup (it’s a large cup for coffee or tea with bears on it), because I have fix or six other tea/coffee cups and almost never use them. I use the big bear cup because (1) it’s big (it holds more, and it has a fine heft) and (2) it has bears on it, and they look cool. (These are the bears.)

Now, this is stupid. I have good reasons for preferring to use the bear cup (is larger, fine heft, looks cool), and even if I didn’t, I shouldn’t feel shamed by five or six inanimate objects. The other cups are not in there, still and sad, aching for me — or anyone, really — to fill them with hot liquid. The cups don’t care. The cups are probably not even alive at all.

But this is the sort of thing I’m figuring out these days: Just use the bear cup. Or use a different cup if you feel like it! But only if you feel like it. If the bear cup makes you happy, don’t fight that. Save your energy. There is real work to be done. I’m sure that would sound super obvious to a lot of people, but I have been worrying about things like what the cups will think for a long time.

Thursday 6 February 2014, 10:33 am
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