A note about quotation marks and hyperlinks

Been seeing a lot of this lately:





This is some straight-up bullshit. I don’t wanna get all Herbert Kornfeld on you, but copy editors of the internet, YOU ARE ON NOTICE.

Song titles, essay titles, quoted speech — if you have some words that go inside quotation marks, and those words in their entirety* are serving as a hyperlink, THE QUOTE MARKS SHOULD BE PART OF THE LINK, TOO. Not like this:

Jon’s favorite song is “Africa” by Toto.


Seriously, Jon absolutely loves “Africa.”

The quotation marks and the title itself are a single, self-contained entity. There is no good reason not to make the quotation marks part of the link. Moreover, linking only the title looks weird.

So knock it the fuck off, please. Wimmer out.

*In the case of an actual quote: If the whole quote is serving as a hyperlink — “These two guys in a pizza shop did a great cover of ‘Africa,’ by Toto.” — then you should include the quotation marks in the link. If only part of the quote is linked — “I love covers. Have you heard Low’s cover of ‘Africa’?” — you don’t need to include the quote marks, obviously. (And for the record: In my opinion, you should not ever link one set of quote marks but not the other. Again: ugly.)